Bounding in William Penn’s Woods!

The rocks of this area are combined sedimentary and igneous to create metamorphic rocks.

I have been on the Green Lane Blue Trail dozens of times and I am still awed by the beauty of these Penn’s woods. Remember from grade school that Pennsylvania means William Penn’s Woods!? Near the town of Pennsburg, Green Lane Reservoir has a rigorous trail system and a park with picnicking, fishing and kayak rentals.  It is well worth the day trip from Philadelphia or any of the surrounding areas!  My heart was pounding on the hills and my heart was appreciative of the stone pathways across the streams! Evidence of deer, mountain bikes and horses can be found occasionally on the path used by joggers, hikers and families.  Yes, we saw a doe and two fawns the weekend we were visiting!  (Thank you Nanny and Poppi!)

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